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Step UP! Day has started!  It is an all day celebration. Visit the Step UP! headquarters located on the Planet Mongo sim.  It is an awesome build and there will be a variety of live SL performances my musicians singing their own original songs. We’ll have a combination of live SL musicians and SL musicians […]

Step UP! logo Right from the start of Step UP! we have said that Step UP! Day will be November the 5th, and that to support Step UP! on that day no-one uploads anything to the grid, that people wear the Step UP! ribbon to show support, and that they hold or attend Step UP! […]

One of the things we want to do with the Step UP! campaign is to have the community come up with their own creative way to support the movement.  So I was really excited when Manis Lane of the mix and match- Boutique sent me the Step UP! bag she created. It’s totally cute and […]

Wow!  A lot has gone down this week and I am really excited.  We have been working hard behind the scenes and the Step Up SL campaign for content theft awareness has officially started and the work has already begun to get the word out.  So many of you have been so supportive and are […]