Step UP! Day Celebration and Party Information


Step UP! Party Materials

Step UP! Day has started!  It is an all day celebration.

Visit the Step UP! headquarters located on the Planet Mongo sim.  It is an awesome build and there will be a variety of live SL performances my musicians singing their own original songs.

We’ll have a combination of live SL musicians and SL musicians streamed on Indie Spectrum Radio playing throughout the day. Watch the Step Up! blog for details of how to grab the relevant streams!

We will have several hours from Indie Spectrum Radio. You can play it through their radios – see for details.

You can also get a range of materials for your party from XStreet SL – Textures and Information Packs to display!

And don’t forget your special Freddie Bleac Step UP! fireworks!

If you love art make sure you visit the Step UP! Art Gallery sim.  It’s a beautiful sim full of original artwork and educational pieces from SL’s most creative artists.

Join us for a day of solidarity and support of content creators.  We plan to have fun all day and all of you are welcome to join us.


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