Step Up SL! Has Begun!



Wow!  A lot has gone down this week and I am really excited.  We have been working hard behind the scenes and the Step Up SL campaign for content theft awareness has officially started and the work has already begun to get the word out.  So many of you have been so supportive and are as excited as we are to get this going so let’s get to it people!

The Info Pack will be completed today and widely distributed (and will include the already famous orange ribbons that everyone is asking for)

What you can do RIGHT NOW, is join the Step UP! Ning group:

We need people who are willing to help make Step UP! the most fantastic community event that Second Life has ever seen! Graphic artists, photographers, machinamists, writers, PR Gurus, Designers, Fashionistas all of you!

Please add Step Up! to your blog roll:

We have set up several Step Up! Teams that you can join within the Ning Group, so that you can use your talents to contribute in your own special way.  This will be a Collaborative effort across the entire grid. We will make a change, the time has come!


One Response to “Step Up SL! Has Begun!”

  1. 1 Satyr's Muse

    Not only do I fully support this..I am placing posters over all my vendors and closing for the day.

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