Hunting For A Solution


Hunts seem to be an ongoing debate in the SL Fashion Circle of “Things to Kvetch About”.  (Google Kvetch if you don’t know what it means, I’m from Brooklyn so forgive me).

Aside from usually being too busy, the main reason why I never make it through an entire Hunt is because they are usually too damned Lagaliscious.  I also don’t have the patience to summon up the X-Ray vision that is sometimes required to find the hunt items that are the size of a grain of virtual sand.

So can someone tell me why it has to be a ‘Hunt’ in the first place? Hunts are used as an advertising tool by Designers to get new traffic to their shops with discounted or free samples of their line, in the hopes of adding new shoppers to their customer base. A Hunt is not necessary to achieve these goals, so why not just remove the hunt aspect all together? The fact that people share the specific SLURL locations of the items means that the whole search and find thing has lost it’s appeal and for the most part, people are not interested in looking around to find a hidden item.

So I propose a revamping of the Hunt concept. Why not just have Sample Sales?

Real life fashion designers have sample sales all the time so why can’t we bring that business concept into SL?

You can advertise a sample sale just for your shop alone, or you can advertise with several shops on a sim or across several sims, pretty much the same way a Hunt is advertised. Make it clear to shoppers what type of discount they can expect, whether it’s 100% free, one set low price, or a certain percentage off the ‘retail’ price of a specific item.  You will still achieve the same goals from a sample sale that you wish to achieve from a Hunt.

This brings the focus back to where it should be in the first place, your business!  The focus should not be on whether or not SLURLs should be given out. The focus should not be the frustration of endless group chats with everyone screaming “DOES HAS ANYONE KNOW WHERE #455 IS??”  The focus should not be on how fast a shopper can fly from shop to shop or TP from sim to sim to find your item. These are all distractions from the main business goal.

A sample sale can provide a calmer atmosphere where shoppers don’t feel like they have to kill each other or spend all day in IM’s trading coordinates.   And designers, if you dare, include a questionnaire notecard in the sample package asking for feedback on your item and on your shop. Ask shoppers if they enjoyed the overall experience and plan to return.  This is another way to keep shoppers engaged in your brand and focused on your business.

Just my two cents.  Let me know what you think.


4 Responses to “Hunting For A Solution”

  1. I’ll split the baby on this one. I do like the hunts, especially as a means of discovering shops I had not known about before. I think filling out a relatively quick survey card would not be a bad idea, and would be useful for shop owners.

    Another thing I would like to see is a “Give up? Get the next LM” sign as part of a hunt. What drives me batty, (well, battier than usual 🙂 ) is to be in a shop, hunt for a while, realize that, for whatever reason, the shop’s wares are not to my taste, and then still be stuck simply in order to get the next landmark. I don’t like badgering in hunt group chat, and don’t really want a cheat sheet either. I just want to be able to say “This store is not for me. What’s next?”

  2. I think that is a good idea. Hunts seem to be very overdone and in many ways that can lose its charm for the shopper and the person providing items for it. A fresh approach is always a nice thing to try out.

  3. 3 Rouge Anthony

    I’d love a week long sample sale. Give me the slurl’s and I’ll pop by as I like the moving to new stores aspect of a hunt but I hate hunting especially when people do the odd thing like hide their tiny hunt object between the wall and a painting that looks pressed against the wall.

  4. 4 OMGWTF Barbecue

    i did a sample sale/private sale with my store, This is a Fawn and Epoque. it was a huge success, and our customers loved it. we offered items we had been working on but that weren’t released yet, as well as special colors of items already in our shops, all at discounted prices. love it! 🙂

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